About 60 Million People Kissed Simultaneously in Venice

The managers of the venture “Love 2008” came up with an idea to celebrate New Year’s eve with a “collective kiss”; they invited all of the volunteers irrespective of age, sex, nationality and confession to come back to Venice for you to kiss inside the name of peace, love and concord.

“We wanted to return the spirit of holiday and the joy of amusement to this magical metropolis, and we did it,” said one of the initiators of the marketing campaign Silvia Napolitano.

And indeed, on the night of January 1st Piazza San Marco become crowded by using Italians and numerous travelers, who came right here from all around the international. In order to make the get entry to to the ceremony easier for the visitors, the National Railroad has prepared dozens of special trains which ensured the uninterrupted visitors among Venice and the alternative cities of Northern Italy in New Year’s Eve.

The campaign changed into additionally supported with the aid of the town authorities, that have established large TV displays on the rectangular, showing the film frames with the most famous kisses shape the history of global cinema.

At the instant of “collective kiss” a rain of silver stars and hearts turned into spilled on every person, and then got here a

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