Betty Ann Ross, Just Who Is That Woman

The following speech, Betty Ann Ross, Just Who Is that Woman, became given earlier than Will Rogers Toastmaster Club on August 29, 2006.

December 26, 1994, I turned into dwelling in a small rental at the south side of Pryor, Oklahoma, attempting to get over an emotional 15-yr marriage while the phone rang at the wall outdoor the kitchen door. I wasn’t awaiting a call and changed into very amazed by means of what the caller had to mention. Bill, one of the guys that worked for me said a lady called him and requested him to give me her telephone quantity.

I notion that was a touch unusual and permit the number lay round a few days before finally making the call on December 30, 1994. The resulting communication became my first come across with Betty Ann Ross. The subsequent morning we met in her eating room and shared a cinnamon roll with a cup of espresso and mentioned the New Year’s Eve Dance on the Pryor Elks Lodge. I became a bit surprised whilst Betty asked me if I would like to move then doubly amazed when she asked me if it turned into all proper for her mom to move along. She said her father had surpassed away some years ago and her mom lived on my own. Of path I had no problem together with her mom going and said so. But if the occasions played out as Betty proposed then I suppose one may want to say that the dance might now not be our first date, except of direction, one considered Betty’s mom as being our chaperon.

In the ten-yr plus span of time considering the fact that that uncommon cellphone name I even have discovered lots approximately myself, additionally that lovely female. We’ve form of grown together. But, as in any courting or marriage, there are matters which might be better left on my own.

Having stated that, I’m positive there are those of you that would at once end up inquisitive and surprise what I mean with the aid of ‘matters which can be higher left by myself’. I ought to easily spend the following hour telling you approximately all of the true Betty has added to my lifestyles but this night I need to deviate off the beaten course and share with you a pair of things that came about while we have been getting began.

Right out of the bag, the day after the New Years Eve dance, Betty suggested I take a few dancing training. And hearing her say that, I suppose she wasn’t that impressed with my dancing prowess but I didn’t have a hassle taking the instructions. In reality I idea it’d be a laugh.

Later I changed into simply getting commenced with a three-month session while Betty and I attended a Wednesday night dance on the Home Builders in Tulsa. Betty didn’t assume it become suitable to take my pickup to a huge band dance so we took her purple Cadillac. Inside we danced numerous dances together, made a few new buddies and had a top notch time.

Afterward we exited lower back to the automobile parking space and Betty clicked her remote and headed off towards a pink Cadillac parked on the right side. At the same time I heard a double beeping sound at the left aspect and began to head there but seeing Betty headed toward the right I went along with her.

The following couple of seconds we both attempted unsuccessfully to interrupt into some other couple’s crimson Cadillac then I remembered the beeping sound had come from the alternative direction. I stated that to Betty and she wiped her forehead then grinned sheepishly as we exchanged glances throughout the pinnacle of the automobile. “Oh!” she said.

Over the following couple of months it became with ease obvious that the both of us were very conservative with our cash. Betty should have had that on her mind one night at the Elks Lodge because she stated something approximately me being tight. I wasn’t disillusioned by her comment but did ask her to give an explanation for. She sat returned in her chair and gestured around the table where several of our buddies sat and said, “Well, I would love to peer you purchase a round of drinks, simply one time!”

A yr later we were at the Elks Lodge once more and I offered every person a drink that turned into seated across the bar. Betty turned around and stared at me. She stated, “What did you try this for?” I got a touch indignant with her and stated, “Betty, you desired me to shop for a round of beverages and I bought a spherical of beverages, and now you need to chastise me for buying a round of drinks!” She simply glared at me. “Yes, however it’s been a year now and also you’re still shopping for a spherical of drinks!”

That equal 12 months on a Saturday afternoon we had been looking the Oklahoma and Texas football sport from her living room. All of a surprising my pager went off and I went to the phone and referred to as the plant and discovered that some system changed into down and the shift foreman wanted my assist. I informed Betty I would be returned in a few minutes and to allow me recognise how the sport ended. She said she could and I left.

A couple of hours later I came again and requested her approximately the sport and he or she said Texas received. The subsequent morning we drove to a nearby eating place to examine the Sunday paper and have a few breakfast and I right away saw at the front web page that Oklahoma had won the soccer recreation. I glanced over at Betty. “I concept you stated Texas received the game.” She glanced up from the women’s phase of the paper. “They did win, didn’t they?” “No!” I said, and showed her the score. “Oh!” She stated. “I assume I have to have watched the rest of the game.”

But Betty additionally had a spontaneously funny facet to her and I need to complete up with the aid of telling you about one of these. We had been married approximately a 12 months and were on a avenue journey up north while Betty were given up early one morning and commenced stirring round inside the room. I become half asleep and didn’t pay that a whole lot attention however I could scent the aroma of coffee brewing and it smelled correct.

A short while later I heard the coffee pot sputter in its final degrees of percolation then heard the sound of coffee being poured. In simply seconds I heard Betty say, “Honey, you want a cup of coffee?” I immediately threw lower back the covers and sat up like a rake someone had stepped on and saw Betty status there beside the bed with the maximum insidious grin on her face, and with out a sew of garments on her frame. “This is Hooter’s Plus,” she stated, presenting a hot steaming cup of clean coffee in her outstretched hand

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