Interview with Marion H Williams, Author of “Beyond Adam & Eve – 50 Things You Need to Know”

Marion earned a BS in Finance from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the Columbia Business School. She changed into a Finance Manager for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in New York City earlier than transferring to Georgia together with her husband. They have two great daughters.

Tyler: Welcome, Marion. I’m happy you may join me today. Will you start through telling us what made you first determine to put in writing “Beyond Adam & Eve”?

Marion: About seven years in the past I started attending a Bible take a look at. It turned into in reality the primary time that I had study the ebook of John in depth. We then moved directly to the letters of Paul. There are such a lot of in reality stunning passages in these books and I started jotting them down on 3×5 cards. I additionally commenced learning thrilling matters about numerous Biblical characters. I soon found out I simply desired my daughters to know all of this statistics before they reached adulthood. I become going to place my collection of scripture passages, prayers, and interesting Bible records in a free-leaf binder and make copies for every of my ladies. This manner they might have some thing tangible, which would with any luck assist them alongside their adventure, specially in a disaster state of affairs. Several very sad events had occurred in our network and they bolstered how critical it’s far to have some thing to turn to for consolation and power.

It didn’t take long for me to realize I was the weakest hyperlink in my elegance but particularly lots of my classmates failed to understand a great deal more than I did approximately the Bible. I idea perhaps different adults would additionally experience this facts. One day the concept got here to me of St. Peter greeting me on the gates to heaven and asking some simple questions. I didn’t understand the solutions and I commenced to panic and the idea of placing together an entire e book changed into born!

Tyler: I apprehend the book is basically in query and answer format. Will you tell us a bit bit approximately the structure of the e-book and the extraordinary sections of it?

Marion: The first segment is damaged down into 20 questions about the Old Testament and 30 questions on the New Testament. It’s dependent so that the query is on one page, permitting time to mirror on the answer before the web page is turned, revealing the solution. There are about twelve more questions that cowl a wide range of topics from the Bible to church traditions. Then there are sections on Bible scripture-verses that can be memorized as well as whole passages, which everyone could locate very meaningful and helpful in normal life. I also included a chapter on some beautiful prayers I had gathered over time. The book concludes with some assessment quizzes and some Bible searches.

Tyler: Why do you believe you studied humans find the Bible hard to look at and could welcome “Beyond Adam & Eve”?

Marion: The Bible is a big book to digest-just the number of pages is daunting! The material is also overwhelming and regularly difficult. Many folks have attempted to struggle through it but in time become discouraged. My e-book is supposed to be a amusing manner to get delivered to the Bible; every answer has its Biblical supply indexed to encourage readers to open the Bible and examine the tale in its authentic form. The chapters on scripture are meant to convey an expertise of the intensity and beauty of the writings within the Bible. Just reading them need to make one feel accurate! Hopefully readers will need to study and analyze extra on their very own. Also, the ebook gives a manageable amount of data so getting to know approximately the Bible might be a successful task rather than a frustrating one.

Tyler: Will you supply us an instance of a couple questions?

Marion: I find mainly thrilling Question 1 from the Old Testament element, that’s “Do all Christian Bibles have the equal quantity of Old Testament books?” Another interesting truth I found out comes from Question 21 from the New Testament phase: “After Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus within the Garden, there were best 11 disciples. Did every other individual ever replace him?”

Tyler: Marion, what records inside the book have readers instructed you they maximum recognize?

Marion: Readers always tell me they admire the unexpected records and the insight the e-book provides on topics they idea they knew the entirety about. Many also touch upon the uplifting and peaceful tone of the selected prayers and scripture passages.

Tyler: What is an example of a topic every body thinks they recognize approximately wherein they’re amazed to analyze more?

Marion: The story of Noah has some exciting twists. In precise, the real dimensions for the ark are listed proper within the Bible. The instructions even encompass leaving space for air to flow into near the top of the boat. Many people are surprised at the specified directions and on the real size.

Tyler: How did you make a decision what to encompass in the e book? Are there really 50 matters? How did you make a decision what to pass over? What could #fifty one have been?

Marion: After I determined to expand my collection of testimonies and facts, I analyzed numerous topics to peer if I definitely understood them. For example, maximum of us know the story of Jesus’ birth. But can we recognize wherein to discover it in the Bible? How frequently is the story told? Is the story constantly the identical? Another example would be the query on the Last Supper. Many folks realize Jesus and his disciples were celebrating Passover at the Last Supper. But will we recognise why Passover is so essential? Do we understand what a Passover meal consists of? My book solutions those questions and gives insights on different favourite testimonies and traditions of the Christian religion.

I restrained the content material of the e book to 50 simple questions so readers would now not be beaten with material. The intention is to get human beings interested in mastering more approximately the Bible and to have amusing in the system. There are possibly lots of information we ought to understand but maximum folks do not have the time or the reminiscence strength to recollect all of them. But I am presently working on a sequel for the next 50 things, which will encompass some greater interesting but simple information.

Tyler: Marion, do you have a favorite Bible scripture, or is there a passage you watched is commonly unknown but of tremendous value to readers?

Marion: One of my favorites, which I accept as true with is fantastically unknown to many of us, is Hebrews 11:1, which states, “Now religion is being positive of what we hope for and sure of what we do no longer see.” It’s this kind of great definition. Another one, that’s a superb reminder in the course of hard instances, is from Philippians, Chapter four, which states, “Do not be anxious about whatever, but in everything, via prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, gift your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all information, will protect your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Tyler: Marion, I keep in mind myself quite knowledgeable about the Bible. No one will play Bible trivia with me due to the fact I continually win. Is the book restrained to novices at studying the Bible, or is there information that could be beneficial to humans who’ve already study the Bible frequently?

Marion: Many of my buddies who are pretty knowledgeable about the Bible have read it and feature instructed me they enjoyed quizzing themselves and were even stumped via some questions and numerous of the Fun Facts. They also felt the scripture passages were a fantastic collection for day by day reading.

Tyler: Has “Beyond Adam & Eve” been used by any churches or Bible study organizations, and what responses have they given you?

Marion: Since the book and the curriculum were simply posted and best became to be had in November, they have no longer but been used. However, numerous churches are making plans on placing the magnificence on their calendar for next 12 months. A few are grownup only classes and a few can be a discern/child blend. In fact, the approaching Lenten season is a superb time to consciousness on studying approximately the Bible and could be a wonderful time to offer a class. The summer season might also be a excellent possibility for a figure/infant interactive magnificence. And, some friends who domestic college their children notion the e book and have a look at guide would be a exquisite addition to their faith studies.

Tyler: What do you suspect makes “Beyond Adam & Eve” stick out from the numerous different Bible reference books, catechisms, and Bible dictionaries that have been published?

Marion: There are 4 important variations that make “Beyond Adam & Eve” wonderful from other Bible handbooks. One, the question and solution format gives an interactive way to research lots of those interesting records. It’s a brilliant way to bypass the time on avenue trips or as a own family recreation night. Or some questions can be read every evening earlier than bedtime. It’s now not supposed to be study once and put on the shelf. It’s formatted so that you can effortlessly test your own reminiscence and a person else’s. Two, it incorporates biblical references for every question in addition to for the numerous scripture passages. Hopefully this will inspire readers to open up their own Bibles and study even more. Three, prayers and scripture are included for readers to show to as regularly as needed. By re-analyzing these chapters, one will become increasingly more familiar with among the inspirational writings inside the Bible. And ultimately, the ebook is written in a easy concise manner, which have to make it fun for every age. It could make a terrific present for confirmations, marriages, birthdays, and vacations inclusive of Easter and Christmas.

Tyler: Marion, why do you sense an know-how of the Bible is so important? Even if someone is not a Christian or interested by faith, what fee does the Bible contain for a reader?

Marion: From a only secular factor of view, understanding Bible tales and scripture is crucial to understand works of artwork, literature, music, and human nature. In reality, the sequel, currently in development, touches on this very subject matter. There are endless portions of paintings which are primarily based on biblical testimonies, which without know-how of aren’t nearly as significant. The same is genuine for severa English phrases whose origins have biblical references, an example being “having the endurance of Job.”. Insight into human nature can be received by means of studying Proverbs where bits of understanding are as beneficial to state-of-the-art society as they were once they were written, hundreds of years ago.

Tyler: Marion, might you mind sharing with us how studying the Bible has modified your existence?

Marion: For me, I grew up being advocated to live with the aid of the Golden Rule-this is to treat others the manner that you might want to be dealt with. Being moral, kind and compassionate was continually harassed. We went to church pretty often and I even have constantly had a robust religion in God. But I should admit, I virtually had never read a great deal of the Bible. Then, once I began studying the Bible, I began to realize its intensity of wisdom and its stage of detail on how to live one’s life. Reading sure passages can without a doubt bring a feel of peace and luxury regardless of how one’s day has been-whether annoying or strain-unfastened. I by no means knew wherein the significant and effective verses were; I clearly have now not found all of them, however at least I have began and understand in which to start to appearance!

Tyler: Marion, would you allow our readers recognize more approximately your website and wherein they will purchase copies of “Beyond Adam & Eve”?

Marion: The book, which is to be had in hardback and tender returned, and the 8-week Curriculum Guide are each available on Amazon as well as on the Barnes and Noble websites. If you would really like to touch me, please accomplish that thru my website, http://www.50ThingsandBeyond.Com. My website also affords 50 To Do Lists that will help you correctly control many elements of your existence, liberating up extra time to do the belongings you really need to do along with learning about the Bible, taking part in your own family and buddies, and appreciating the brilliant world round us! Thank you Tyler for taking the time to speak to me; your questions were high-quality and really insightful.

Tyler: Thank you, Marion. Before we move, will you ask us what you suspect is the hardest query on your e-book? We’ll go away it as much as our readers to discover the solution, as opposed to supply it to them. Maybe they will move buy your e-book to locate the answer.

Marion: Well, a few questions can be difficult due to the fact the reader is acquainted with the subject but can not keep in mind the specifics. But other questions are tough because the reader may additionally in no way were uncovered to the situation. So from that angle, I might say the toughest query could be “What are the fruits of the Spirit and the way does one acquire them?”

Tyler: Thank you, Marion. That must stump as a minimum a few human beings. I hope you sell masses of books over the upcoming excursion season-“Beyond Adam & Eve” should make a amazing Christmas present.