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Richard Branson – date of delivery – 18th July 1950

English business rich person, fine acknowledged for his Virgin logo of over 360 groups, he is the 236th richest man or woman consistent with Forbes’ 2008 list of billionaires.






Life path variety 31/4

Being a 4, he’s a tough worker, it’s simple, however he’s also a ‘passive four’ this means that he has greater demanding situations to conquer. It just suggests what you may do even with certain weaknesses for your chart.

Mind you, he also has strains of energy: The Line of Determination and The Line of Action.

The Line of Action

These ‘better’ numbers bring an increased vibration which, while blended on this line, create a effective power stimulating movement, motion, and short responses. People with this line will not procrastinate once the selection has been made to act. The bodily electricity and intensity of this line needs to be tempered by way of proper rest and a healthy way of life. Plenty of clean air is needed to launch the tensions that would cause nervous complications.

Life path four

The range four is mostly involved with the practical demands of the fabric global. The four does not own the spark of originality however is firmly rooted within the Earth and symbolizes loyalty and dedication through strength of will. They are usually known as the people of the sector, who should attempt diligently to reap their desires.

Those who face up to the self-discipline that leads to success in this direction can revel in extreme frustrations of their day by day lives: they’ll fail in business if they constantly are searching for shortcuts: they hazard alienating their buddies and family if they pursue unconventional behavior or a fad that they will hope ‘gets them out of the rat race’.

People with the ‘passive’ trait may be: careless over details, resist new strategies, slim, should see practicality earlier than accepting thoughts, and combat intellectualism.

Life route 31/4

To atone for lack of confidence, many 31/4s expand highly ambitious, even egotistical personas – large egos that work to show their worth as they try to stay in a superior function due to fears of inferiority beneath the surface.

However, the aggregate of robust foundation strength, creative energy, and expressive power offers upward push to a well-balanced, synergistic mixture of strength, sensitivity, and creativity. This mixture, along side a power for safety and strong goals, creates a multi-faceted ability for achievement. When these drives and qualities are working in harmony, 31/4s can accomplish their maximum aspirations.

A cozy ‘domestic base’ and a secure, settled, orderly environment enlarge these individuals’ effect generally over.

For 31/4s, strong creative drives, a assured, out-going persona, and a consistent striving for achievement veil an underlying insecurity. They can be exceptionally competitive because they feel they want to prove themselves to triumph over their worry of no longer measuring up. They have power, ambition and a choice for fame. The dual shadows of self-doubt and insecurity are worth demanding situations at the way to manifesting their strength and attaining success. A key idea for 4s is that achievement, in terms in their lifestyles reason, lies not in accomplishing the give up product but in their capacity to go through the essential system.

Many 31/4s experience difficult family histories, from time to time entailing bodily abuse via as a minimum one determine, or perhaps a army adolescence that meant they moved round and didn’t have a stable home lifestyles. Therefore they have the hurdle to overcome of organising strong foundations. They want to paintings specific all of their emotions, along with anger and resentment, before they are able to explicit their love. They don’t must trust their dad and mom but they want to carry any problems out into the open and explicit their feelings, despite the fact that dad and mom are deceased.

Those 31/4s who’ve previously worked thru a based process, consisting of athletes, musicians, or every body who has stuck with a procedure of ability schooling, are way beforehand of the sport, due to the fact they’ve a template or version they can observe to some thing else they do.

The power of the 31/four, coupled with creative electricity, gives them a strong enchantment, ruggedness and resistance to regular ailments. They are essentially robust, but inclined at foundation points, ankles, knees, thighs and hips.

The clean sociability of 31/4s attracts many friends and admirers. They have a tendency to be gregarious, circle of relatives-oriented, and usually secure people. But their air of confidence frequently hides an lack of confidence they may be wise to well known to themselves and others, with a purpose to gain authenticity. In their vulnerability, they are able to discover new electricity.

Due to their array of creative and expressive energies, and their sound analytical skills, they locate success in a diffusion of careers, centered on some form of commercial enterprise, advising or counseling in real estate or investments.

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Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

Expression quantity 3 – The expression number offers the tendencies that want expression to be able to assist us come into line with our life paths

Number 3s have a natural capability to uplift others with their phrases and ideas. Their authentic reason in life is to encourage and inspire others with their creations and optimism. They find happiness when focused on their creative desires. Fame is likewise regularly within the ability future of a 3.

Soul urge three – The underlying motivations in existence

Again, he has a 3 soul variety. They shine at any form of interest that entails public overall performance which include appearing, singing or politics. They preference to be well-known.

Personality wide variety nine – This range suggests persona traits and the way the character is perceived by others and in public

Romantic and emotional individuals who wear their heart on their sleeve, they love deeply and display compassion to those in want. They are tolerant and vast-minded and enjoy travel. Their idealism is infectious, developing a dynamic air of mystery that draws like-minded souls. They are innovative folks who gain from a satisfying outlet.

However, they can be emotionally impressionable, and have a propensity to be gullible.



In love: Cancerians are not ones to fall in love at first sight, or if they do, they hold their feelings properly hidden. The worry of rejection is very actual for those people and commitment most effective comes while they’re honestly positive of the individual involved. When they do lower their defences, Cancerians are caring and gentle lovers. They will go to first rate lengths to make sure that their accomplice is glad, growing an surroundings that just suits the occasion.

In paintings: The Cancer employee is a friendly spirit, innovative, unswerving, and devoted to doing a terrific activity. Since Cancer individuals are worried about the security in their home life and their capability to hold their possessions safe, they may do some thing is important to maintain stability and that translates into placing one’s nose to the grindstone at paintings, so to talk. There is likewise their want for protection and they like to understand they can depend upon normal pay cheques.

Because they’re such right strategists, onlookers won’t understand what the Cancer character is up to. They won’t seem to be heading for a purpose, however taking facet journeys as an alternative, however do not be fooled, they may be taking time to length up the situation. Once they see the big image, they may clutch keep of a project or project and by no means let move until it is whipped into shape.

They enjoy nice meals served in a nice atmosphere, so in case you’re approximately to invite a desire, or need to position your Cancer man or woman on a hard assignment, it’d no longer be a horrific idea to carry this up over dinner out.

A reliable character who takes his or her paintings significantly, the Cancer character may be counted directly to lead a group or provide you with new approaches to carry out an assignment with excellent dispatch. A Cancerian in a group of pals will make the most attempt to bond the organization together, perhaps seeing them as an extension of their family.

Cancerians do have a touchy side – irrespective of how robust they may seem. They have their moments when they simply do prefer to disguise of their shells and be unsociable – they now and again want day trip to recharge their batteries.

Brief Bio of Sir Richard

Branson has dyslexia, which led to negative instructional performance as a pupil. He become the captain of football and cricket groups, and by the age of fifteen he had began two ventures that in the end failed: one growing Christmas trees and any other raising budgerigars.

At sixteen, Branson left school and moved to London, wherein he started out his first successful business, Student mag. When he changed into seventeen, he opened a Student Advisory Centre.

He says his childhood is something of a blur to him now, but there are several episodes that stand out. He remembers that his parents always set him and his sisters demanding situations. His mom become determined to cause them to impartial. When he become 4 years antique, she stopped the automobile a few miles from domestic and made him discover his personal manner throughout the fields. He were given hopelessly misplaced.

Their challenges tended to be bodily rather than educational, and soon they were putting them for themselves. He has an early reminiscence of mastering the way to swim. It took loads of effort and a final massive risk but it gained him a ten-shilling be aware, the maximum cash he had ever held – it regarded like a fortune.

He says he can’t remember a second in his life whilst he has not felt the love of his circle of relatives. “They were a circle of relatives that would have killed for every different – and that they nonetheless are.” His mother and father loved each other, and in his youth there was barely a go word among them. Eve, his mother, become always complete of life and galvanized them. Ted, his father, changed into a as an alternative quieter discern who smoked his pipe and enjoyed his newspaper, but each his parents had a love of journey.

His motor, Eve Huntley-Flindt, had picked up a number of her magnificent power from her mother Dorothy, who holds British statistics: aged 89 his Granny have become the oldest individual in Britain to pass the advanced Latin-American ballroom dancing exam, and aged 90 she have become the oldest character to hit a hollow in one at golfing. She turned into 99 when she died, and shortly before that, she had written to him to mention that the previous ten years had been the pleasant of her existence. She had by no means stopped studying. Her mindset became, you’ve got one cross in life, so make the maximum of it!

X – O – X – O – X – O

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