The Blame Game!

The urge in charge is a human impulse, which has existed from one million years in the past. The frenzied finger pointing keeps to exist in all components and fields even now.

The Bible talks approximately this blame-game and has an example of finger-pointer in it. When God created Adam and Eve, He had forbidden them to consume the fruit from the tree of the information of right and evil. A serpent, which turned into God’s some other introduction, tempted Eve who in flip made Adam devour the fruit too. God knew what they’d finished after which the person blamed the lady for tempting him, and the female blamed the serpent. They were given limitless curses as a result.

The politicians are famous for his or her finger-tips. After the Hurricane Katrina, the politicians did now not miss the opportunity of transferring the blame. The shameless exploitation of the catastrophe for promoting themselves changed into apparent. They had even long past to the quantity of blaming the victims themselves saying that they ought to have fled their houses not even knowledge how the elder human beings can break out from the storm.

It is humorous that traditionally, when catastrophes befell, the supernatural forces had been blamed and those shifted the blame on God’s wrath and fury. But now due to development in technological know-how and technology, all of us understand that it’s miles the act of nature but nevertheless we generally tend to shift the blame on politicians, or human irresponsibility. The blame-game is the result of extended expectations..

It shows blame ruins the whole thing, and creates hostilities. In reality, most folks do high-quality mistakes. But maximum people generally tend to cover it up by way of effortlessly moving the blame on to others like a recurring problem as if we can’t be at fault in any respect and it need to be someone else’s fault.

At domestic, even in families, the husband blames the spouse through saying that it changed into because of her tantrums in the earlier part of the day that made him listen much less in his place of business. He says the complete day is spoilt due to his wife. The spouse in turn blames her husband for anything sulky mood she is in, in the course of the day. They in turn display their anger at the kids who do not even understand what’s happening. In a joint circle of relatives, it’s far very not unusual to listen humans transferring the blame on one another and subsequently main to breaking apart of relationships. This takes place extra within the case of a mom-in-law and daughter-in-law in a family due to the fact this takes place to be the maximum sensitive courting.

We are schooled proper from formative years to shift the blame on others. “He handiest pinched me, so I bit him.” ‘She broke my pencil, I took her ruler and broke it”. The instructors blame the scholars, the students blame the mother and father, and the parents blame each different.

Sometime we blame even an inanimate item whilst we hurt our arms or ft while we accidentally hit on it and get harm. The instantaneous response is anger and we behave irrational and go to the quantity of kicking the item.

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