The Gospel According to the Seahawks’ NFC Playoff Game 2015 (The Anatomy of a Miracle)

The Seahawks went into this game having now not misplaced a playoff game considering 2012 (through 2 points) and not having misplaced a playoff recreation at home seeing that 2004! They have been the talk of the soccer fan world, unlike the ultimate year’s march to the Superbowl after they have been undisputed underdogs. They had been wholesome, they have been sharp, the stadium that day as they ran in changed into like a garden of Eden in a sense. Now, Adam and Eve WERE living in a real paradise – all become beauty, all changed into good, no sickness, no issues whatsoever, but wait – Adam caught a glimpse of some snake off inside the distance. Nevertheless, what may want to go wrong?

Are you kidding? Within the first sector the Seahawks had their self belief handed lower back to them within the shape of Green Bay’s 147 offensive yards to Seattle’s THREE yards! Intercepted twice, scored on 3 times and all in the first zone. Adam idly stands by way of as Eve falls for the deceptions of Satan, and the whole lot changes. Now humanity is in for the combat in their very lives, earthly AND eternal.

Hang on now, there may be still desire. Even now, the miracle is beginning to manifest. Twice the Packers have the ball within the first sector and are riding down the field hopefully against the pressured Seahawks – three times in reality! And but two instances, such as once whilst it became 4th and goal on the two yard line, the Packers settled for a field purpose. If they had scored a touchdown both of those times, Seattle might have lost the game. And even even as Eve become saying sure to the enemy, God had a plan to redeem mankind already set into vicinity. Didn’t appear to be lots in the beginning, failed to definitely look right at all actually. Quite a list of thrilling characters in Jesus’ family tree for certain! But although, the miracle became beginning.

But then, it gets worse. By the quit of the primary half of Seattle have been intercepted again, were completely shut down on offense and changed into behind 16 – ZERO. Watching the sport on TV, you could see the countenance of the Packers players and coaches become greater comfy, more confident, maybe a little swagger. And the Seahawk lovers? Some of them had been beginning to depart the stadium! (Obviously now not genuine “12th guy” enthusiasts). It got kind of quiet inside the stadium, this became no longer appropriate. So, Jesus got here preaching and teaching, and some listened, a few even accompanied, but many sneered, even jeered! Many human beings were searching out some thing else, for freedom from the Romans. They failed to recognize the itinerant preacher from Galilee changed into promising them freedom from something a lot more. They did not remember that a miracle changed into unfolding before their very eyes. Sometimes it is simple to overlook. But just wait, it became approximately to blow up into history to wherein even the naysayers could need to admit something profound had came about.

And that first glimpse of a miracle started out in the 3rd sector with an incredibly volatile faked discipline goal strive for three points which as an alternative have become a touchdown for 7 points! If that hadn’t passed off, the Seahawks could have misplaced. But then, the Packers scored again, and then intercepted Seattle again, and the Seahawks are in the back of 7 to 19 with handiest three:fifty two to head in the game! Rare indeed are comebacks in NFL playoff games being down that some distance and that little time left. Jesus turned the water into wine. Jesus raised the useless again to existence. Jesus turned shortage into lots and fed the multitude. And then, as thank you for all of that, he was betrayed and sentenced to dying by way of fearful and careworn people, not knowing they were playing right into the arms of God almighty.

And so, the miracle started unfolding – one aspect after another. Seahawks rating again, now best down 14 to 19 however, simplest a bit over two mins left! Jesus hung on the go, seemingly overwhelmed, specially while he died; but, why did the sky all at once get darkish in the middle of the day? Why became the ground shaking? Seahawks kick an onside kick that is successful only 1 out of 3 instances in step with NFL stats. Fortunately, this changed into one of those times. The stadium in addition to the living room I became in exploded with emotion. The tombs of people that had already died broke open with the now alive humans walking around (Mat 27:52-53). The Seahawks score any other touchdown with hardly ever any time left to play and now they may be in advance(!) 20-19. The Seahawks go for the two factor greater play. Russell Wilson is being chased all over the backfield and he ultimately simply desperately tosses it towards the stop quarter and it is caught! 22-19 Seahawks! The veil of the temple (which become numerous inches thick) became torn in two, commencing up for us get right of entry to to the “holy of holies”(Mat 27:51). Yet nonetheless, Jesus become lifeless and placed right into a tomb. Maybe there may not be a miracle after all. The Packers rating an extended subject purpose within the very last seconds and tie the sport 22-22. Patience! The miracle was approximately to be finished. You may want to just sense it inside the air. The stadium was energized. The guards guarding the tomb had been uneasy. The Packer fanatics were uneasy. Something turned into about to happen, and anyone knew it. The Seahawks gained the coin toss. The floor began to shake, and the guards fell down. There became a big cracking sound. The Seahawk offense ran several short performs, and what were truely impossible the primary half became infant’s play for them. A blinding mild shone forth as all the calendars within the world were approximately to be changed. Wilson dropped back, hesitated, then threw instantly towards Kearse who was 35 yards away close to the cease zone. Jesus sits up in the tomb. The ball continues towards Kearse. The Seahawk fans are shrieking with emotion. The hosts of hell are shrieking in horror. The ball keeps, now inside 5 yards of the ready receiver. Jesus steps out of the tomb, and gazes round him with glorified eyes and a burning coronary heart. The stadium turns into a residing creature as Kearse receives the skip and steps into history. Jesus stretches out his arms, as he BECOMES records. After all, the miracle is his story. The miracle? The miracle is, you presently are redeemed, even though you probable failed to see it coming. The Seahawk lovers didn’t see it coming. The Packer enthusiasts failed to see it coming. I’ll bet you didn’t see it coming. Welcome to the arena of MIRACLES

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