The Year 2000

Let me take you returned to past due in the evening of December 31st 1999 – New Year’s Eve. Can you don’t forget where you were and what you have been doing? Were you out in town celebrating the quit of the second millennium and alluring in the yr 2000 or have been you inside the consolation of your property watching the telecasting of ways the relaxation of the sector have been celebrating the appearance of the yr 2000 and the passing of the maximum dangerous and hard century of guy’s existence. The twentieth Century noticed mankind live on two international wars and the risk of a nuclear holocaust.

Despite those celebrations, the 12 months 2000 become born within the center of a disaster – a disaster caused by the so known as Y2K malicious program and dire predictions that the world might stop. The crisis became still-born, but it serves to remind us that the commercial enterprise of existence should move on.

The 12 months 2000 is the start of some thing special – the 0.33 millennium and we have to take this opportunity to use the 12 months 2000 because the motivation for alternate and as a stimulus to hasten man’s progress in the direction of a better global.

We can’t change yesterday
We can only make the maximum of today
and look ahead with hope for the future.
The message of the Y2K trojan horse and the predictions of the sector’s loss of life is surely this:
Nothing will ever be tried if all possible objections
and difficulties ought to first be triumph over.

Had the Australian Olympic Committee (A.O.C.) and the Olympians of the 2000 video games waited till the disaster became over, then the astounding success that became the Sydney Olympics would in no way have been achieved. (Opportunities continually contain a few dangers. Remember: “You’ll constantly miss one hundred% of the photographs you don’t take.”)

The Sydney Olympics and the Catholic Church’s Jubilee 2000 tasks are examples of the way mankind has grasped the opportunity of the use of the yr 2000 as a rallying point to improve the sector for all mankind.
The A.O.C., Sydney and the New South Wales Government noticed an opportunity to make a bold bid for the Year 2000 Olympic Games, way back inside the early 1990’s. There had been many dangers and boundaries worried in this venture. Success become never a foregone end. The expenses of the bid and the staging of the video games have been significant. The role of our united states “down below” and the political implications of the bid through the Chinese People’s Republic have been nearly insurmountable hurdles to our success.

Getting the video games changed into now not sufficient. Creating the best ever Olympics changed into the aim. So Sydney got international elegance carrying centers early and a brand new infrastructure to permit the games to run easily.

For me, the of entirety of the Year 2000 Olympics changed into the Opening Ceremony. The tracing of our aboriginal and European heritages the use of a “dreamtime” subject did what the politicians have been unwilling or unable to do. It joined a nation collectively growing a real climate of reconciliation. Then the climax of the Opening Ceremony changed into the stimulated preference of Cathy Freeman to mild the cauldron, with the Olympic Flame. Later within the Games the fairytale got here proper while Cathy, in the front of a file Olympic crowd, won Australia’s a hundredth Gold Medal in the 400 metres dash. Television took this event live to Australia’s largest target market and to many billions around the world. What a coup!!!

There are some who would possibly ask, “How did the world enjoy the Year 2000 Games?” The Olympics added collectively human beings of each political, spiritual and racial historical past in a spirit of friendship this is the very nature of genuine sportsmanship. A amazing banner unfurled during the Opening Ceremony contained the phrases, “G’Day” for all to see. This typifies an openness that turned into subsidized by way of the way we Aussies examine existence and game. Sports unites Australia and has been used right here as a catalyst to bring the sector nearer collectively and it has!

The Olympic organizers of the 2000 games had a dream; they believed in and dared to make it appear. We, too, may have a dream, a dream to improve mankind inside the 12 months 2000. All we need is to consider in that dream and dare to make it appear.

The Catholic Church in its knowledge has taken the possibility that the Year 2000 gives to champion the cause of the world’s deprived. In each church, the Jubilee 2000 assignment is highlighted with the aid of a notable white banner hung excessive on the front wall. On the pinnacle of the banner is the Jubilee 2000 logo. It includes a multicolored Greek go – a go made from three vertical and three horizontal rods. This is superimposed on a blue circle which represents mankind. The crucial white area representing Christ is surrounded with the aid of a tessellation of five stylised doves in the colorations of grey, purple, yellow, blue and green. These doves constitute the five continents of our international while the colors represent peace and pleasure.

Below the logo are written, in ambitious letters, the six goals of Jubilee 2000: Freedom, Fallow, Forgiveness, Justice, Journey and Jubilation.

These desires have their foundation in Jewish culture and are to be located within the e-book of Leviticus inside the Bible’s Old Testament.

Freedom means freedom for prisoners, particularly prisoners of debt.

Fallow is for the land and the humans. In Jewish tradition, the land turned into laid fallow each seven years. Fallow for the people had been holy days. Today these have come to be our vacations – a time of rest and reinvigoration.

Forgiveness of debt, especially of 1/3 international nations, is an important aim due to the fact the interest on these money owed is many times more than the debt itself.

Justice method identical possibility for all under the law regardless of your heritage.

The intention Journey many appear atypical to many Australians. But it way that exiles should be capable of go back to their homeland to stay in peace.

The final aim is Jubilation or clearly the gratitude we have to feel for all we were given on this earth.

The dominant topic for the arena of the Jubilee 2000 project isn’t always bounded by using a spiritual fence however through a desire to help the arena’s deprived, irrespective of coloration, race or creed. If those people who aren’t deprived believe within the beliefs of Jubilee 2000 we should permit the Year 2000 to be the catalyst to improve mankind. We do no longer need to be Catholics. We want simplest to recall:

“All things are possible to folks who accept as true with.”

At the lowest of the banner is a 2d logo which links the mission to Australia. Here there is a stylized map of Australia with the phrases “A new era for an historic land”. The map is surrounded by a brown circle and a red and white Greek move is superimposed at the circle. Thus the emblem links us to the sector but additionally to the topic of reconciliation thru the aboriginal colors of pink, brown and yellow.
The Year 2000 has furnished Australians with the opportunity to make a difference. The success of the Sydney Olympics has proven what Australians can do. The jubilee 2000 venture offers us with a way to apply our innovative energies for the remainder of the yr 2000 and past. There is not any higher location to begin than in our outdoor running to enhance the lot of our disadvantaged. The Olympic Opening Ceremony supplied the platform for reconciliation. Let we Australians take the possibility created by the yr 2000 to expose the world what can be carried out.

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