Theology of Adoration

I need to talk about what I agree with to the maximum critical and liberating concept for Christians to understand. It is a theology that must inform your entire life:

I am exploring a theology that I accept as true with is sitting right there in front of our eyes in Scripture, however for the longest time I became unwilling to look it, due to 4 factors:

1) the schooling I acquired toward becoming a Christian Speaker,
2) the fear of letting cross and accepting it,
3) hidden pleasure and the choice for control that we all have thru the forbidden fruit,
four) it required an true dating with the Lord, searching out His voice at every step of our lives.

That last factor is the hardest for absolutely everyone, because there’s no hiding in His presence and for fallen creatures, this is immensely painful!

It is a theology that I fought towards for 32 years! So I could anticipate others will combat against it as nicely. All I ask is that you are inclined to stroll with me and reason thru some texts with me. If after analyzing this you reject it, this is exceptional. I might be open to hearing the failings in my reasoning. But I do ask, that you stroll the entire path with me, earlier than leaving behind the journey. The precipice of this theology is a stunning website to behold.

So what is the Theology of Adoration? It is a theology rooted in too many Scriptures to point to simply one–that means once you apprehend it, Scripture will undergo it out time and again once more–however it is able to be summed up maximum absolutely in this manner:

Soren Kierkegaard wrote, “Purity of heart is to will one thing.”

If we’re only allowed one expression of our lives, it should be the adoration of God. To see God in His fullest glory would depart us in paralyzed awe! We could helpless to do something else. The reality of this announcement is so eternal that Jesus stated, (paraphrasing) “If they don’t reward me, the pressure of the essential reaction to such glory as mine would purpose rocks to realign their atoms to cry out praises, simply to fill the void of praise!”

There it’s far. That is purity. That is singularity of heart and rationale. Any other focus of our lives or some thing else added to this is idolatry. Now, right here is the frightening ramification of that assertion: any form of labor or obedience is included in that grouping of idolatry, proper alongside side of the idolatries of sin and disinterest in God.

Uh oh! You cannot imply that!!!

I clearly do! However, in NO way do I advise sinning. I understand at this factor it’d be viable to do “bowling theology” and twist what I said to date into tossing gutter balls:

Left Gutter: We can simply do some thing we like and Jesus gets us to heaven irrespective of what. So let’s move par-tuh-hay! That is a gutter ball that this Theology of Adoration won’t accept.

Right Gutter: We cannot sin freely and get in to heaven, so therefore this theology is bogus. We show God our love for Him through obedience.

Both gutter balls are understandable to throw at this point. But alternatively, let’s keep…

In Genesis chapter 1 we’ve a picture of the way God takes a life that has spun out of manipulate and is surrounded by using darkness and transforms it into a introduction that is exploding with lifestyles, surrounded by light anywhere. How does He do it? Two methods. First, He speaks His will into our lives. So we should be listening for His voice! But 2nd, it says He reaches down and bureaucracy it Himself. Note that: introduction is not able to form itself, even as it listens for the voice of God.

There is a announcement that I accept as true with calms and humbles the idol of the confidence of wanting to be obedient as a sign of our love for God and our ability to prove our well worth and our sonship before Him. It is really, “The will is unfastened, but not able.”

Yes, we want to be precise and obey God. Any infant desires to expose his or her love to their mother and father in that manner. But it isn’t viable for fallen creatures to be obedient in a manner this is appropriate before God. Allow me to explain:

In the start, God gave Adam and Eve two commands, 1) Don’t consume the forbidden fruit, 2) have children.

After Eve broke the primary command, she wanted to demonstrate her obedience to God. So in Genesis four:1 she obeys the second one command and has a toddler. In reality, no longer only is she obedient, but she additionally offers the consideration to God–she offers Him His due.

This looks like proper and right obedience. However, this fruit of obedience (Cain) murdered his own brother and his descendants so corrupted the earth that God had to wipe out creation and begin over! The poet and hymn writer Isaac Watts stated it excellent:

The best obedience of my palms dares now not seem earlier than thy throne.

No expression of our lives and no attempt on our components can ever produce goodness. How can a poisonous plant produce safe to eat fruit? It can not.

The most effective component worse than looking to invest great effort and time into being obedient by means of our personal will would be to actually achieve that undertaking! That is a trap on the way to darken our eyes to this sort of degree, we can also in no way be able to see Jesus.

Consider the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. They were not awful people. They had been the conservative church-goers in their day who favored to obey the voice of God! They had the sort of preference to be obedient to the living God that they did not even play the tip-toe games we play with sin. They failed to see how near they could get to the road of right and wrong. Instead, they even created a fence across the law, to make sure they wouldn’t toy with sin! And it worked!

They broke none of the legal guidelines of God. Think about that. They have been perfect in obedience!

However, even in their perfect obedience, they couldn’t see God whilst He become standing right in the front of them! In truth, they were a part of the pressure that killed God!

The pleasant obedience of our fingers…

To something diploma we awareness our efforts on being obedient, we take that focus off of adoration for the Lord and in doing so we lose the purity of heart and the “first and best” turns into asking God to percentage His throne with our works.

But wait a minute, did not Paul say that we can’t just go on sinning? Absolutely, and I totally believe Paul! I am not advocating sin. I am advocating the Theology of Adoration, which first deconstructs the idol of self-obedience, earlier than it may reconstruct a wholesome theology and life-style for the Christian, freed from idolatry.

If perfect obedience (just like the Pharisees practiced) misses the mark, then what’s the answer?

Jesus is asked this actual question in Matthew 22:36-40:

“Teacher, which is the awesome commandment in the Law?”


38 “This is the super and major commandment.


forty “On those commandments depend the complete Law and the Prophets.”

In essence, in case you want to obey God, forestall attempting parse do’s and don’ts. Just carve out sacred time and sacred area to come before Him in adoration and pay attention for His voice. Let pass of the burden of looking to be or do some thing this is not possible if you want to do.

In massive element Christians do not worship a Triune God. They worship a Quadrune God of Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Works/Obedience. We even examine this God into Scripture. For instance, in John 14:15 Jesus says:

“If you adore Me, you may preserve My commandments.”

Watch cautious what we do with that declaration. We inform ourselves, “OK, I’m going to keep a commandment of God to show to Him that I love Him!” But this is NOT what Jesus is pronouncing. He is announcing:

If you adore me, if your consciousness is on loving me, you will hold my commandments, the outpouring of that love for me will so transform you which you won’t should try and do some thing as unnatural as obedience, it’s going to truely start to float from you, with out you even noticing it.

Note the phrase ‘start’ in that statement. When God changed into working to convert introduction, He never anticipated introduction to have it all collectively on day one. God truely labored in a single area at a time, leaving the alternative elements messy.

The idol of obedience tells us that we ought to have our complete lives together all at once, proper at the beginning. That idol is what causes human beings to position at the “church mask” and hide our sin from each other, when what we need to do is have all and sundry be so open approximately our sins that those who wish to choose are so overwhelmed with sins to judge they have got a frightened breakdown, looking to do God’s work for Him!

So, to summarize: The Theology of Adoration is to forestall annoying about your obedience and placed that cognizance and electricity again where it belongs: on cultivating a love for the voice of God. From that, you may be completely perfect within the eyes of God and as a secondary effect of that focus you will begin to be greater obedient, with out considering it. Imagine that. David sinned, but God noticed him as one who was after God’s personal heart, and as a result he become perfect to God. Abraham had religion (no longer works) and thru that he become also acceptable earlier than God. The pharisees had perfect obedience and in no way found