Truth New Year 2007 Message

To anybody, we want a surprise-stuffed 2007. May all of us be there in Oneness on the Last Supper of the Night we are journeying collectively as The One, and enjoy the delights of its manifold tastes earlier than Light breaks open and huge inside the unfolding of the Morning of our REAL life as the IS.

Greetings to all, and plenty of benefits. The cusp of W-In-t(o) (h)er has infolded the Sun of our Existence in its freezing grip once more, and for the duration of the lengthy nights of our new winter, we want to pause and take account and keep of our inner strengths, weaknesses, and stores of reserves, in looking to bridge our Fall as Mankind to our viable Spring lower back right into a blazing and radiating Summer Sun, revived and born again from our internal hearts.

I went the day gone by right into a deep meditation within the One Light, and received a message from the Oneness, which I will proportion with you beneath.

This year’s New Year’s celebrations have been luring me as I watched them taking thousands and thousands throughout the globe into a spirit of desire, desires, and happiness spreading its magnificence in a contagion of smiling faces. For sooner or later, no dark events, failures, or loss of inner spirit darkened the surprising faces of Humanity. I watched, partook inside the smiling power, and remembered.

I remembered while handiest 6 years ago at the Eve of the Millennium, all nations at the face of Earth, from the mightiest nations to the tiniest of islands, went into not unusual and heart-felt celebrations of the awesome adventure of being a part of the multi-faceted Kaleidoscope which we assignment as Man-kind whilst we feel the Great Spirit of Oneness that’s at the very center of our beings.

As middle of the night January 1, 2000, unfold its mild presence internationally, publicizes had been following the remarkable celebrations presented through each and every country as a gift to its brethrens in the adventure which Life is.

What a moment frozen into the eternity of The One this was! Veils of doubts, old packages and related passions, had been added down via Oneness, in order for us to experience in advance what our future IS to be while we all understand ourselves as One and united within the flagship of pleasure of getting reunited a divided family originating from the same Father and Mother as One.

And very shortly after that, darkness attacked once more, while we least predicted it. Surreptitiously in the beginning; ensnaring us all into antique beliefs of separateness. And then greater violently so, causing us to fasten ourselves again right into a Dark Age’s mentality. We had started out the Exodus from slavery of antique oppressive ideals and grasped Light, however had misplaced our knowledge that each one movement into a path of Oneness reasons an automated counter-motion reacting to it, for such are the legal guidelines by which our inner and outer contemplated Nature have been created inside the wheel of Life.

At first we had been all shocked; greatly surprised returned into vintage reflexes. Nationalisms, antique ideals in the One Energy Source being exceptional and opposing gods referred to as by way of one of a kind names, and all the elements which promote separateness and differentiation amongst us have been the first instinctive shelter for so many. Armies were rumbling the trumpets of war everywhere. The earth was shaking again with their robot-like heavy steps. The darkness of worry was greeted with vengeful conflict cries. And the explosion came about again.

At first, its resolution became touted as obvious. The many would overcome by way of the sheer force of multitudes and gathered electricity that this illusion gives us the One’s lesser lucky ones in number or potential. All opposing facets had been taking remember in their amount of collected consciousness. The many could conquer the One, turned into the struggle cry!

The One, via such a lot of approaches again, turned into seeking to first forewarn the many who they have been erring again on the course of separation and belief in the conquest via the a few of the lesser and of the Idea of One. Little credence turned into given to it. Mankind blindly once more walked into an ever repeating lure. Because of the nature of its misconceptions, a good deal of what changed into wanted and was starting to be healed bled again, and the wounds became deeper. The rift between man and man turned into becoming ever more and more, and in an exponential way, greater. And so became the gap between man and his Mother Nature.

Many in the beginning noticed the ploy and risk, but as increasingly of guy attacked its Self, many got bored with the ache of destroyed hopes and became a blind eye to the pillaging and raping that the spoils of the conqueror had been causing upon the herbal world, and their human brethrens.

Peace, if it had been to be executed, might again come from the very last exhaustion of the protagonists, till the following round. Or so it turned into perceived.

Whole generations have been turning into at hazard. This became unheard of in human records. There turned into an internal revelation and assignment that not most effective a tribe, usa, tradition, faith, or coloration were threatened but that destiny generations getting evermore toward our very own, could be prone to no longer surviving or be decimated. The concept of the cease of all of mankind became part of the gestalt aware focus of man, first expressed almost rejoicingly so by way of some distorted minds corrupted in the grips of false degenerations of vintage non secular belief structures, after which within a much grimmer fact whilst wave after wave of scientists found out that we had been honestly on the point of annihilation or drawing close remarkable failures of a value which defies life. The force inside mankind which for eons cherishes such activities, became telling us “I told you so!” “It has been already written.” “It is in a book.” “Holy Fate!” “Karma!” “You deserve it!” “The destiny is already inscribed and static, now not a game of possibilities which you may exchange!” “You don’t have any individual power, no actual enter!” “Watch the horror show I actually have organized for the sinners or the un-this and un-that!” “You and yours will be stored and multiplied on this wonderful fight, so why care?”

Man commenced believing that the destiny turned into handiest a reality display that he might watch on a display, and not revel in in his own flesh-and-blood. The Trickster had achieved well Its process, for therefore It is programmed to do. The cube have been thrown. We have been slowly sinking into un-awareness. Our internal Light turned into extinguishing itself. Most selected the way of internal denial inside their personal created global, not figuring out that All IS One and interconnected. Nothing can get away that One and Only Reality, because the “Nothing” of SepAraTedNess threw us into a fake and powerful experience of separation. The reality became that after one Light became plunging into unconsciousness, it turned into affecting all the lighting of humanity: for The One changed into sinking with it.

Many components of Humanity had been already suffering, and in incredible pain. Others have been falling into non-being via numbing their senses of awareness. Chemically or evidently produced and pushed drugs and alcohol had been assisting the procedure of dimming the Inner Light of focus.

Problems had been piling up. The stability of Mankind and Nature changed into swaying dangerously close to a perceived precipice. So why now not have fun and experience the day, at some point at a time, and try to forget what you can’t control or see?

The One turned into attempting to talk to our internal heart, for that is wherein its Kingdom lies. Most were deaf to its Small Inner Voice.

The children of our future Dream were becoming conscious that theirs changed into the technology which might maximum likely have to undergo the brunt of the Madness in their dad and mom. They had been last tons extra conscious than their closely adulterated mother and father, as we had been slowly killing their destiny. The ache changed into too incredible to bear for lots, in order that they instinctively sought shelter within the identical immediate answer of on the spot pleasures and gratification, sensing as instinctive parts of Mother Nature, the necessity to enjoy lifestyles when they nevertheless should. Our religious and political leaders have been inept and uninspiring, primarily blind to Oneness and inaccurate. We had been slowly losing faith inside the belief of a possible future.

Night became slowly engulfing Creation, and night-mares had been everywhere, both as potentials or already felt realities.

Have you ever heard the tale? Do you really want to maintain and experience its unfolding? Do you want to revel in the cease as a REAL end?

You have study books and volumes about it. You have watched TV shows and films approximately all of the viable ending destructive paths. You have been already born into it and programmed, religiously so – as small harmless youngsters – into its beliefs.

Do you need to revel in your darkest nightmares? In your flesh, with the pain which your senses provide you with? Have you lost your senses? Have you gone mad?

Are all of us going mad?

Has A-DAM because the One Higher Consciousness of ALL of mankind fallen into an inverted tree, as A-MAD-Man?

As you’re all watching the lives of Hollywood stars because the little lighting of your reality TV-like existence, please prevent and ponder if the actual show of LIFE-as-we-understand-it is unfolding its tentacles without you having a say in it, whilst you are caught looking cartoon-like characters. For that’s what is occurring, and ONLY due to the fact YOU AGREED to become asleep at the wheel, or under the influence of alcohol on fact alteration testimonies, and are inviting a crash. You hold the last energy, that’s to wake up to One and to Oneness Itself.

Are you going to fight the wars of the No-factor approximately not anything? How lengthy are you going to look at the political and spiritual pawns of Nothing and their dramas about NO-Thing which only serve separation and can engulf us into the No-Thing, if we permit it, via not waking up and shaking it unfastened?

You are the simplest and real Stars of your show. Please examine yourselves. Care about yourselves, for you inner center Selves know themselves as One.

Do you consider the eve of the New Millennium? How long ago became it? Can’t all of us deliver that feeling amongst ourselves returned and permit pass of all our internal demons, as soon as and for all? Of course we will, and we will!

Starting proper now.

You make the choice. That is your loose-will. I know my choice, and frankly I also realize yours, for we all originate from the identical One Seed, and, deep in your self, you long for that moment of recognition of your Light, as you then start the inner incredible hearth of Real Passion for Life and not Passion for Death, and express it as overall Love – a Love that allows you to burn all obstacles and frontiers; a Love which we’re surely going to experience quickly as One Creation as all of us conscious.

Enough of repeating His-Story! Time to start Our-Story, and experience it to its fullest and brightest capability.

Time to bring about our co-innovative capacity that is gigantic and endless, and reboot the vintage packages from the Nothing combating-and-loss of life-about-nothing. Eat from the Tree of Life and not from the Tree of Death. So say I, and in that act you shall now not die anymore.

Unless you are so enthusiastic about the INTIMATE understanding of the Tree of Good and Evil which you do now not realize that this very obsession which you have with destroying and killing what YOU perceive as Evil is the very root which spreads Death and Destruction among your interconnected Selves.

You can do it. It is your right as part of One.

Don’t permit your vintage beliefs blind you. Don’t permit antique packages assail you.

You are revisiting the Old Genesis of your Life backwards, again to its One-And-Only Source.

No-THING can exists outside of One, the relaxation is only truth TV which you make your fact as you watch its empty and dangerous show, throwing you into a snooze-like kingdom.

The force of the Nothing preventing approximately not anything is only there because YOU give it pressure and attention. It is NOTHING, so long as you make it what it’s far as the final illusion within the One Show of the One: Creation. It has no power and dies, as you shrink back from its intoxicating drink. Time to sober up!

Please stop this tube of emptiness which is ruling your life, or, at the least, start by using converting the channel and watch loving suggests a good way to remember the fact that you are that Love, you are that laughter, you’re that Life, you’re that Romance, after which finally close the old stories off, and Create your OWN.

Happy Creation 2007!

Before I share the message I need to under, permit me nation that starting within the next 10 days and going on henceforth, for those who are honestly prepared to task and soak up fabric which may additionally allow them to de-software themselves once-and-for-All from vintage styles of mind confirmed over and over to be self-unfavorable, I will share some information which is part of the start of my try to loosen up the burden and luggage we carry, and make us at the least question our beliefs about Truth. The Truth is that it’s miles the questions which encourage us to trade. The Answer to All is in the Question! Do now not prevent questioning for that’s what will propel you to new vistas, new frontiers breaking infernal cycles of painful revisiting of His-tale.

Nevertheless, you have unfastened-will. Free-will to live static, or to go into a dynamic of actual trade. Nevertheless, if making a decision to live static inside your notion systems, I beg you for One’s sake to pause and virtually country that you’re feeling that the path you are inside now will make certain your gift and your likely future as a fact that you really need to EXPERIENCE, in detail so and with complete awareness. And if it is so, then you might have made a Real Creative act in choosing that likely destiny and making it you truth.

This is why best folks who want to be uncovered to the cloth, which I will begin to show, and make their personal internal direct judgment about it and combine it in their personal Creative ways within their existence, as Conscious Beings, may be uncovered to it. For the Real World is a world of Ideas. That is all of the One Mind can Be. That is why only the ones who desire to question thoughts will be given a hyperlink to the constrained (for now) vicinity of our website, to be able to climb back the Tree in their deep Inner awareness.

And it should be so, for you ought to remember the fact that simply through being uncovered to an idea for even a second will make you exchange and evolve as you provide it feelings and power. Remember New Year 2000 and what you felt then!

This is a message from the Oneness, received on December 31, 2006, which I want to share with you now.

This is a Holy year. In this yr a good deal of what mankind considers to be Reality will be decided. There has been a huge hole among reality and its notion.

Much of what’s going on below the toes of guy, above his head, and inside him, has long past left out, to the actual dismay of The One who has been trying to ship warnings via many direct channels and thru a mess of events. Even even though the One is aware of Himself to Be One, that perception is to this point faraway from His Creatures that the mere bringing up of it frequently brings super discomfort to them.

In the subsequent period of Creation, a time restrict needs to be set to the notion of non-interference by means of the Godliness within the affairs of mankind. When that moment is reached, the dice might were thrown.

This is the start to the give up of His-Story, and the beginning of Your-Story.

Much of what you believe in and had been taught as being actual, has been but created by the Godliness earlier, so as on the way to have a help wherein you may be capable of explicit your Creative capability.

Time, as we know it, is set to take on a distinctive measurement which a lot of you shall revel in soon.

Truth is wherein you will all be.

In this procedure of Creative endeavor, The Godliness shall be experiencing it with you as you, for you, so that you can all potentially attain the Beginning of Time.

Great obligations lie upon every of your shoulders, every and every one of you, and you want to become quickly sentient and aware of what your actual cause is as a Creation, that is to Create and enhance upon the original program that The Godliness has organized for you as Himself to revel in, and optimistically revel in, as He travels within each and each considered one of you the path of His Creative processes in the infinite lattice of opportunities that He has Created in advance, so that He reviews His Being in the many.

The One is asking the numerous to slowly, patiently, take note of a lot of the steering that He will generally tend to assignment from inside their internal selves.

He wishes regularly that the unfolding of occasions be smoother. Nevertheless, He has allowed Himself to be constrained by way of His original plan and application as a venture to Him, as the various aspects operating inside His large Mind.

There is still a small window of opportunity to soften the blow of the awakening system, and it’s miles The Godliness’s dream and wish that mankind shall invite inside its heart the eye it needs now so as to expose Oneness of motive and life to all and resist the temptation to slowly extinguish its internal Light as hard occasions, so that it will name upon the inner assets of the many, will try and start happening to assignment Oneness in the One Heart