The Beautiful Game Named Lucha Libre

The conventional “Lucha Libre” wrestling hit London this July but many wrestling lovers had little or no or no concept approximately this form of wrestling. Mexico is the region where this mythical shape of wrestling become born and advanced to be a famous shape of sports. On the eve of Lucha invasion to London, the most popular Lucha of Mexico, El Hijo del Santo had a candid interview with The Sun. El Hijo is the son of the biggest Lucha Libre, El Santo. During the interview, El Hijo defined the primary distinction between Mexican and American wrestling, the subculture and mystery of Lucha Libre and his relationship with the fellow countrymen Rey Mysterio and late Eddie Guerrero.

What is Lucha Libre: Lucha is a amazing birthday celebration! It’s a contact sport this is very near what we can call a piece of art. When the beautiful skill blends with the masks, colorful Lucha wrestling area, music, light and some extraordinary sportsmen, it creates the magic of Lucha.

History and Importance of Mask to Mexican Wrestlers: Mexican wrestling symbolizes a struggle between accurate and evil. The mask facilitates to create the “on-degree drama” effect. It is connected to the roots of Latin American subculture just like the Aztecs, Olmecs and Teotihuacans. They always wore masks of wolf, eagle, snake and jaguars while at battle as they believed it might give them the energy of those animals.

On Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio: Rey is very tough-working and down-to-earth character. Everything that he has performed in an American wrestling ring is pretty admirable. El Hijo additionally favored the manner WWE treated this Mexican talent. Eddie has constantly been a awesome friend outside the ring; however El Hijo enjoyed the legendary feud with him inside the ring and admitted it became very hard to beat Eddie in a wrestling in shape. El Hijo additionally mourned the fact that this type of large expertise died so younger.

On WWE: WWE is certainly the main American wrestling advertising and the organization’s future is vivid, believes El Hijo. In truth, lengthy back he became even approached via one of the WWE marketers. But El Hijo always preferred to be an impartial performer. However, he said he could instead favor to perform with WWE in some of their tours.

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