The Revelation of the Veiled Woman

Over two thousand years ago, the elder brother of the race of man, Yeshua Ben Joseph, the Man we call Jesus, withdrew his presence from outer existence. Before he disappeared, he promised that he would go back, and that is the time and the season of that return. But who is it that we are we awaiting? Is it the Man Jesus or is it his different aspect, the mate of his being, the High Priestess? Could we be looking ahead to the only who Jesus stated will come to comfort us?

One of Yeshua’s final acts before disappearing become to ship his disciples into Jerusalem to discover a Man sporting a waterpot. This, of direction, became a glimpse into the Age of the Water Bearer, the Age of Aquarius, of which the waterpot is a symbol. He changed into indicating right here that the detail of water could be lifted to a new stage. And, esoterically, water is a image for the feminine issue of Being. The source of Water in Qabalistic symbolism represents the Divine Feminine, the Dark Mother, and the Great Ocean, and is likewise called the Chief Feminine Elder of the Temple. She is the Pentecost, the Shekinah, and the Holy Ghost. Water holds memory and She is the symbol of water itself. She is likewise the Book, the container of all memory, which holds the history of the world from the beginning of time. This Book includes the legal guidelines that govern all creation.

She, the Book, the Lady Christ and the polar contrary of Yeshua, will disrobe to show the secrets and techniques She has lengthy held about the true relationships between all pairs of opposites. Her first assignment is to show the reality approximately the female factor. She will assist humanity in casting off the guilt and shame of existence, which alas, had been located on the toes of ladies. This Dark Mother, the Feminine Principle, is the whore in addition to the virgin; she is the daughter and the mom; she is the midwife and the one who offers birth; she is the barren sister; she is the mother of your father and the daughter of your brother; she is the queen upon her throne and the beggar woman on her stool. She is in every lady, and she or he gave delivery to each Man. She is the Feminine Power and Creator in the back of each created component.

This lady created what is referred to as evil, which is not any thing apart from the act of keeping apart out the twin factors of the One for the reason of clarity and understanding. She created obvious darkness, and then immersed herself into it with a 3rd of the host of Heaven with a view to experience the intensity of that fact. That decision became a desire, and the unveiling of this female thriller will reveal the cause for that choice to embark on this journey into remember for the advantage of the planet.

Now, the High Priestess is about to step out of her mystery region to reveal the hidden know-how contained inside the Scroll or Book she consists of. She has been maintaining the Scroll unfurled till humanity is mentally and emotionally organized. The Divine Feminine who brought humanity on this journey of adventure and growth of attention, is the only most qualified to take humanity domestic. She knows how cautiously and meticulously the journey returned must be traveled so as to properly interpret, understand, and combine each revel in.

I invite you to open your thoughts and coronary heart with a choice to surely understand the Feminine, in view that an knowledge of the Her is quintessential to an know-how of yourselves. Your soul is the keeper of the mysteries of existence. The soul wishes to expose itself to you, and invitations you to decipher its profound mysteries in which can be hidden the secrets and techniques of existence. She is your creator, your trainer, your nurturer and sustainer. She is likewise the destroyer. She tears down what is outworn for your thinking, after which rebuilds you. She molds, refines and transforms you, making you the suit vessel out of which the everlasting waters of lifestyles will forever drift. Let her have her way with you for she is the builder of your temple. Our Mother will boost up all her daughters, of each land and of every race, and restore them to their rightful positions of strength. Those who’ve no longer slumbered, but have saved their lamps burning, will lead the manner toward the redemption of humanity. This is the twelfth hour; it’s miles now mid-night, the hour of the appearance of the Mother.

The Age of Aquarius is the age whilst ladies could be restored to their function as it become earlier than the Fall, a time of identical strength and rulership. Only while equality turns into a reality on our planet, while both males and females feel and recognize their very own proper value, and that of others as properly, will the Edenic relationship be restored. Men yearn for this time of oneness, concord and peace as eagerly as ladies do, however this can not be accomplished until women awaken to their proper role and take their area inside the Cosmic Order.

This is an exciting time to be alive, a time while we can see the disclosing of one of the best mysteries – that of know-how the reality of the Feminine and the realization of humanity’s simplest desire of liberation. For too long, the arena has operated at a deficit because the cognizance that created the universe has been held captive in its very own creation, that is a end result of what takes place while there’s a lack of memory, taking into consideration one-1/2 of the complete to be ignored from aware participation

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