What’s in a Theory? Creation and Evolution Part 3/8

Basically, the first earthly beings had all the attributes and competencies to attain the purpose of their human life which become – and nonetheless is – union with Soul.

Separation and the present of bones had been important to the early beings’ evolution for, of their androgynous state, self-absorption disadvantaged them, as it does everyone, from the incentive to forge in advance and amplify one’s horizon.

Separation turned into the necessary impetus to get the contented dream-walkers that had been the early beings of mild to become Soul-aware.
Ripping them aside from themselves, from their different 1/2, became the sacrifice compelled directly to them to be able to get them to paintings in the direction of accessing the good will and love in their other 1/2.

Knowing that Soul, natural divine power, is Love, it is thru striving to get entry to that love, through giving love and compassion, that they have been to re-unite with Soul.
The fine laid plans are not always found out fast, however in the fullness of time.


Clearly, Cosmic intentions have not yet been fulfilled as, for the duration of the parade of millennia, even though frequently no longer androgynous, we, as a species, have remained extraordinarily self-involved and self-serving individuals regardless of a succession of civilisations. Giving and sharing love and compassion remains no longer our strong point.

After the Separation, in preference to accepting What Was, these beings have been pushed through the need to reunite with their other self – their real different 1/2 – but they went about it within the neurotic way of the one who contemplates their photo within the dark floor of a pond and – imagining it to be that in their missing half of – struggles to the touch her, to keep her.

I suspect that every time we fall in love badly enough to lose our rational thoughts, it’s far out of an inexplicable, unshakeable conviction that we’ve located our soul mate within the eyes of the one who reflects us – the only who, we are convinced, will make us complete. I no longer doubt that this country of being is a throwback to the early days of put up separation.

Though it may be stated that pre-separation, the beings of energy had been like zombies or dream-walkers, they have been plenty more than that because they had been endowed with the Image of God, which sincerely approach a integrated channel, an extremely sturdy mirror, via which to regain inward vision and attain Soul. This channel, the strong reflect, is the ego-character.

While the androgynous beings have been as innocent as babies, their ego-personality was inactive. Let’s simply say that being as complete as yin and yang are complete, they’d not anything to imagine. Thus, freed from choice, their wondering didn’t go beyond a country of just being. Their ego, like the surface of a pond, was clean and nevertheless.

After Separation, but, as in the case of children inside the sweet store or within the case people on a shopping spree, the herbal byproduct of outward sight changed into a desire, a craving to own regardless of the eyes saw, which then have become whatever the mind/thoughts desired. Their ego, just like the surface of a pond on a blustery day, changed into murky and ruffled.

It is in reaction to this new state of being that our karmic ancestors’ ego-personality got tripped. It became not the invention of a cloth international that activated the ego-persona as effortlessly as a “sleeper secret agent” receives awoken into movement, however their indulgent response to it.

It could have been because the soft skin in their human body turned into now not covered via fur, feathers or scales that our karmic ancestors felt vulnerable and so, beyond developing guns to healthy their various wishes, they started to hoard and they began to dangle to what they’d hoarded.

Animal pelts worn for protection had been these types of beings may want to get right of entry to and the trend to sporting leather as protecting clothing prevailed nicely into the turn of this century, however I discover it an thrilling aside to note that during the a while, all of them, we, humans, have always enjoyed the feel and the look of animal pores and skin over our body in the form of furs and leather. Go figure.


Upon being separated into halves, the first people’ focus shifted from inward to outwards. Unconsciously, they felt incomplete and longed for some thing that has remained elusive. That something was the re-union with their soul but regrettably for anyone, 6 billion+ humans alive nowadays, the early beings deployed on planet Earth misread the symptoms. They selected to self-medicate and released themselves in a single-minded and never-ending look for their different 1/2.

It is from these historic times that the delusional experience of safety that we were feeding en masse over the course of millennia, involves us.

From the Dawn of Time till nowadays, we have been performing as though we virtually believed – in opposition to all evidence – that more, greater, greater of the whole lot – from greater love to extra cash to more intercourse to more personal area to more holidays to extra bang and bling for our greenback to greater meals to extra protection to extra amusement – and all manner of possessions might maintain us safe, contented and insulated from the crazy global that lies in wait on the alternative side of our the front door.

It is useful to keep in mind that our compulsive pursuit of gathering and showing and stacking our possessions, on our our bodies, in our homes and in banks, stems from our equally compulsive look for love and recognition… But from Soul.

The sad element is that because we are blind to her, we detour this compulsion and mistakenly refer it to a steady, laborious look for love and attractiveness from our peers and from contemporaries – mere our bodies of bones, flesh and fluids themselves who can no extra deliver unconditionally to us than we will to them.

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